Index of types

attribute [Smtlib_attribute]
Attributes that may appear in benchmark, logic and theory files.

db_index [Term]
de Bruijn indices for bound variables

elem [Union_find.S]
Type of elements in the union find.
elt [Priority_queue]
Elements in the queue are integers.
elt [Index.PriorityQueue]
Type of elements.
elt [Index.Set]
Type of elements.
elt [Bihashtbl.S]
Elements in the range.

generator [Id.Generator]
A source of fresh identifiers.

key [Term]
Hash keys for terms
key [Index.Map]
Type of indexed objects.
key [Bihashtbl.S]
Keys in the domain.
key0 [Index.Map2]
Type of indexed objects, which serve as the first map key.
key1 [Index.Map2]
Type of the second map key.

lemma [Cc_literal]
The type of lemmas.
literal [Dl_core.T]
literal [Cc_literal]
The type of (dis)equality literals.

num [Dl_core.T]
The type of numbers.
number [Dl_core.L]
The type of numbers.

recognizer [Smtlib_parser]
Generic parser.

solver [Dpll_core]
Type of DPLL-based SAT solver instances.
solver [Cc_core]
Type of Congruence closure-based solver for Equality and Uninterpreted Functions.
status [Smtlib_attribute]
Expected status of a benchmark.

t [Vec]
Resizable vector of 'a elements.
t [Variable]
t [Union_find.S]
Type for the union-find data structure.
t [Util.ComparedType]
Abstract type of comparable values.
t [Symbol]
Abstract type of symbols.
t [Priority_queue]
The type of priority queues.
t [Index.IndexedType]
The type of map keys.
t [Id.T]
An abstract type of identifiers.
t [Index.PriorityQueue]
Type of priority queues of elements.
t [Dl_number.T]
The type of numbers.
t [Dl_core.L]
The type of literals.
t [Dl_core.T]
The type of the solver.
t [Constant]
t [Index.Set]
Type of set of elements.
t [Index.Map2]
Maps indexed by a key from key0 and a key from key1.
t [Index.Map]
Map from indices 0, ... ,n - 1 (where n is the number of keys in the map) to 'a.
t [Bunch]
Collection of elements.
t [Bihashtbl.S]
Partial bijective hash tables from Bihashtbl.S.key to Bihashtbl.S.elt.
term [Term]
ternary [Ternary]
Ternary values.
time [Time]
Time point.
tokenizer [Smtlib_parser]
Generic tokenizer.

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