Module Ternary

module Ternary: sig .. end
Three valued booleans.

Three valued booleans.
type ternary 
Ternary values.
val truth : ternary
true value.
val unknown : ternary
unknown value.
val falsity : ternary
false value.
val ternary_of_bool : bool -> ternary
Injection of a regular boolean into a ternary boolean.
val bool_of_ternary : ternary -> bool
bool_of_ternary t is the boolean corresponding to a known ternary t.

val negation : ternary -> ternary
Negation of a ternary.
val conjunction : ternary -> ternary -> ternary
Conjunction of ternary values.
val disjunction : ternary -> ternary -> ternary
Disjunction of ternary values.

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