Module Symbol

module Symbol: sig .. end

type t 
Abstract type of symbols.
val equal : t -> t -> bool
Are two symbols equal?
val hash : t -> int
Hash code of a symbol.
val compare : t -> t -> int
An arbitrary ordering on symbols.
val name_declared : string -> bool
name_declared n is true when a symbol has been declared with name n.
val declare : string -> int -> t
declare n a declares a new symbol with the name n and arity a which is interpreted by some theory.

val declare_uninterpreted : string -> int -> t
like declare, but for an uninterpreted symbol
val find : string -> t
find n is the symbol declared with name n.
Raises Not_found when not (name_declared n)
val arity : t -> int
arity s is the arity declared for s.
val interpreted : t -> bool
val string_of_symbol : t -> string
String representation (name) of a symbol.
val pp_print : Format.formatter -> t -> unit
Pretty print a symbol.
module Primitive: sig .. end

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