Module Priority_queue

module Priority_queue: sig .. end
Priority queue of unique integer elements.

type elt = int 
Elements in the queue are integers.
type t 
The type of priority queues.
val create : (elt -> elt -> int) -> t
create c is a new priority queue, where the priority among elements is defined by the comparison function c.

The comparison function c has the same interpretation as that of c x y is 0 if x = y, is negative if x < y, and is positive if x > y.

The comparison function may have limited stateful behavior; you may change the value of c x y as follows:

If the priority of a value e in the queue q might have been raised by a state change in c, then you must reorganize the queue with a call to Priority_queue.promote q e before any other operations on q are performed.
val is_empty : t -> bool
is_empty q holds if and only if the queue q is empty.
val insert : t -> elt -> unit
insert q e inserts element e into the priority queue q, if it is not already a member. If e is already a member of q then no operation is performed.

Note: e must not be negative.

val pop : t -> elt
pop q removes the highest priority from the queue q. This element is no longer a member of q.

Note: Priority_queue.is_empty q must not hold.
Returns element that had the highest priority.

val promote : t -> elt -> unit
promote q e reorganizes the priority queue q to take into account the newly raised priority of element e. If e is not in the heap, then this does nothing.

See Priority_queue.create for information about when this function must be called.

val clear : t -> unit
Removes all elements from the queue.

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